Fully Funded WTO Young Professionals Program in Switzerland 2024

The Fully Funded WTO Young Professionals Program in Switzerland is open to all nationals. It is an excellent opportunity for young professionals from developing and least-developed countries of World Trade Organization Members. The program aims to enhance applicants’ understanding of the World Trade Organization. principles and expertise in matters of international trade. It also has the objective of expanding the cohort of professionals from these World Trade Organization members, ultimately aiming to increase their presence in the organization and other regional and international organizations.

With this Young Professionals Program, individuals will have the unique opportunity to gain work experience in the World Trade Organization and also work at the Secretariat of the World Trade Organization. It is a fantastic initiative by the World Trade Organization. that covers areas relevant to international trade. So, if you want to become a WTO Young Professional, make sure to apply for this opportunity in Switzerland.

The World Trade Organization offers various programs throughout the year. Similarly, with the WTO YPP 2025, individuals will have the chance to become a WTO Young Professional. The chosen candidate will be assigned to a particular division within the WTO Secretariat that aligns with the organization’s requirements and objectives, as well as the individual interests of the young professional. Each participant can show their interest in up to three areas of WTO work and should specify their order of priority. Hence, the WTO program in 2025 should not be missed!


Fully Funded WTO Young Professionals Program in Switzerland 2024


Deadline: 2 April 2024
Study in: Switzerland
Provider: World Trade Organization
Study Level: Training
Area of Study: Subjects offered by the university



  • Applicants should be 32 years old or younger as of 1 January 2025.
  • They should be a national of a WTO member state.
  • All candidates must have an advanced degree from a university in fields such as economics, econometrics, international relations, law, environmental studies, or other areas
  • Similarly, applicants must have completed their advanced degree before submitting their application.
  • A minimum of two years of relevant professional experience related to World Trade Organization operations is also a required
  • All applicants should have a strong interest in international trade and a dedication to work with the World Trade Organization.
  • They must be proficient in English. Proficiency in one of the World Trade Organization’s official languages, French or Spanish, is advantageous.
  • Priority is given to candidates from World Trade Organization member countries lacking representation at the professional level within the Secretariat.
  • All Young Professionals must be familiar with the functions of the World Trade Organization



  • Participants receive a monthly salary of CHF 4,000
  • Provides appropriate medical cover to ensure the health and well-being of all participants.
  • Moreover, the Young Professionals Program also covers travel costs.
  • Allows for career development in the field of international trade.
  • Applicants have the chance to gain exposure to the workings of the World Trade Organization.
  • They will also be able to work in Switzerland at the WTO Secretariat.



Areas of Work for WTO Young Professionals Program:

  • Trade and Environment
  • Trade Remedies (anti-dumping and countervailing duties)
  • Climate change
  • Trade Facilitation
  • Communications and External Relations
  • Government Procurement
  • Investment Facilitation for Development
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Market Access (tariffs and non-tariff barriers)
  • Technical Barriers to Trade
  • Economic Research and Statistics
  • Accessions
  • Dispute Settlement
  • Trade and Gender
  • Digital Trade
  • Trade Finance
  • Trade and Development
  • Trade Policy Analysis
  • Trade in Services and Investment
  • Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs)
  • Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures
  • Competition Policy
  • Council and Trade Negotiations
  • Trade-Related Technical Assistance


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