Saudi Arabia Student Visa Process 2024

Saudi Arabia is undergoing rapid modernization. It becomes an appealing choice for international students seeking higher education. With several top universities in the Arab region, Saudi Arabia is already a favored destination for students within and outside the region. To pursue studies in Saudi Arabia, students need to prepare for the proper student visa application process.

Saudi Arabia Student Visa Process 2024
Saudi Arabia Student Visa Process 2024


Benefits of Studying in Saudi Arabia

Low-Cost Living: Living expenses in Saudi Arabia are roughly 23% less compared to those in Canada. Choosing to study there not only means saving on educational costs but also increases the likelihood of sustaining your existing lifestyle. This is particularly true if institutions like KAUST provide on-campus accommodation and a monthly stipend. Even if your selected school doesn’t have on-campus housing, the cost of rent in Saudi Arabia is 64% more affordable than in Canada.

High-Quality Education: Saudi Arabia has heavily invested in its education system, leading to the creation of well-regarded universities and institutions. Numerous Saudi universities enjoy global recognition and offer high-quality education in various fields. 

Immersive Cultural and Linguistic Experience: Enrolling in academic programs in Saudi Arabia offers international students a thorough immersion into Arabic culture and language. The medium of instruction is Arabic, providing a unique opportunity for students to not only acquire a new language but also engage firsthand with the country’s cultural richness through their studies.

Scholarship Opportunities: The Saudi government extends scholarships to international students through initiatives like the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Scholarship Program (formerly the King Abdullah Scholarship Program). These scholarships encompass tuition fees, housing, and healthcare and also include a monthly stipend, rendering it an appealing choice for numerous students.

Research Opportunities: Significant investments have been made by Saudi Arabia in the field of research and development, with a particular focus on sectors such as energy, medicine, and technology. Numerous universities in the country host research centers and facilities, providing students with outstanding prospects to participate in advanced research initiatives.

Post-Graduate Opportunities: Saudi Arabia offers numerous post-graduate job prospects for both Saudi nationals and international students. Individuals with a master’s degree find employment opportunities in sectors such as finance and petroleum. Additionally, employment opportunities extend to industries like telecommunications, education, information technology, construction, and healthcare.


Required Documents for Saudi Arabia Student Visa 

  1. Passport: Applicant must have a passport valid for six months from the date of travel to Saudi Arabia, with two blank pages for official use that are facing each other.
  2. Personal photos: Applicant must submit three recent color photos against a white background; 2×2 inches; natural facial expressions; photo 80% face; no eyeglasses; no headwear, except for religious reasons.
  3. Sponsorship: Applicant must be accepted and enrolled in a Saudi Arabian educational institution.
  4. Visa referral note: Applicant must have a visa referral note issued by the Saudi MOFA, complete with visa information.
  5. Birth certificate: Applicant must have their original birth certificate, plus one copy
  6. Diploma: Applicant must provide their high school diploma, plus one copy. Please note that diplomas must be certified by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission.
  7. Health report: Applicant must submit three copies of a recent medical report, issued within the last three months by a licensed physician, bearing the doctor’s license number and address, complete with lab results that prove the applicant is disease-free.
  8. Police report: Applicant must submit a recent police report, issued at least six months before applying for the Saudi Student visa, that details the applicant’s criminal record or lack thereof.
  9. Application: Applicants should apply for their Saudi student visa by filling out the Saudi study visa application form on the Saudi MOFA portal and then submit the application and required documents by mail or in person at their nearest Saudi embassy or representation office abroad.


Student Visa Process of Saudi Arabia

Step 1: Enrollment: Apply to a Saudi university or educational program. Once you have been accepted into a Saudi educational program, you can then apply for your Saudi student visa

Step 2: Online application: A foreign student fills out a Saudi student visa application form on the Saudi MOFA portal, complete with personal data and other requested information. Pay the Saudi student visa fees online on the Saudi MOFA portal using a valid credit or debit card.

Step 3: Submitting documents: Submit your Saudi study visa application and required documents by mailing them or visiting your nearest Saudi Arabia embassy or representation office abroad.

Step 4: Approval: If approved, your Saudi study visa can be retrieved from the Saudi Arabia embassy or representation office where you applied. Check that all the visa information is correct and matches the information on your passport.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a student visa for Saudi Arabia?

50 SAR

How long does a Saudi student visa take?

Standard Procession Time – 5 Days

Rush Processing Visa Time – 3 Days

Super Rush Processing Visa – 24 hours

Can international students work in Saudi Arabia?

International students who want to get work in Saudi Arabia must first find a job; then, the potential employer will apply for the appropriate work permit.



Saudi Arabia emerges as an increasingly attractive destination for international students, offering a range of benefits such as low-cost living, high-quality education, immersive cultural experiences, scholarship opportunities, research prospects, and post-graduate employment options. Obtaining a student visa involves enrollment in a Saudi educational institution, online application submission, document submission, and final visa approval. With its commitment to education, cultural richness, and research advancements, Saudi Arabia presents a compelling environment for those seeking a diverse and enriching academic experience.