Fully Funded Romania Government Scholarship 2024-2025

The Fully Funded Romania Government Scholarship is open to all nationals. It is open in Romanian Universities by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania to pursue Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. Degree programs. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania will cover all expenses during the study in Romania.

Every year, the Government of Romania invites international students to study at different Romanian Universities under their Scholarship for International Students Programs. It’s a great opportunity for those students who wish to Study in Europe to brighten their careers. Students from any country (any nationality) can apply for this prestigious Scholarship in Romania. About 85 International Scholarships will be offered for Undergraduate, Master, and doctorate programs. A wide range of academic fields is available in Romanian Universities.



Deadline: 1 March 2024
Study in: Romania
Provider: Romania Government
Area of Study: Subjects offered by the university



The eligibility criteria for the Fully Funded Romania Government Scholarship are stated below:

1. International Applicants Coming from all states of the world are accepted, except European member states.

2. Applicant Should not hold Romanian citizenship at the time of application.

3. Applicant should not be more than 35 years of age for Undergraduate/Bachelor and Master’s Degree Studies & 45 Years, respectively, for Ph.D./Doctoral Degree Studies or for postgraduate studies.



The benefits of the Fully Funded Romania Government Scholarship are:

1. Free of Charge Tuition Fee

2. Free of Charge Accommodation

3. A Monthly Stipend:

a) 65 EURO/Month for Undergraduate Students (1st cycle).

b) 75 EURO/Month for Master Studies (2nd cycle).

c) 85 EURO/Month for Postgraduate Students (Doctorate Degree) (3rd cycle).

4. The Scholarships do Not Cover International Transport.



Documents of Fully Funded Romania Government Scholarship

1. Official letter issued by the diplomatic mission of the country of origin accredited to Bucharest or the diplomatic mission of Romania in the country of origin or residence;

2. The MFA application form (APPENDIX 1) for a scholarship in Romania, filled in correctly;

3. The MER application form (APPENDIX 2) for the issue of the Letter of acceptance to study in Romania;

4. Legalized copies of the obtained study diplomas (baccalaureate diploma or its equivalent + bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor’s degrees, if any) and their legalized translation into one of the following languages: English, French or Romanian, if required;

5. Legalized copies of matriculation sheets/diploma supplements related to graduate studies and their legalized translation, if applicable;

6. Legalized copy of the birth certificate and certified translation in one of the following languages: English, French or Romanian;

7. Copy of the first 3 pages of the passport;

8. The medical certificate attesting to the fact that the person enrolling in the study does not have

9. contagious diseases or other conditions incompatible with the required studies; Curriculum Vitae of the applicant;

10. Recent photos – 2 pieces, passport format.

The application file will also contain the following documents (only for candidates falling within the specific category mentioned for each document):

1. Proof of name change (if applicable) – copy and legalized translation;

2. The certificate attesting the passing of the baccalaureate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral exam, as the case may be, for current year’s graduates – copy and certified translation;

3. Certificate of graduation of the Romanian preparatory year or Language Proficiency Certificate, if applicable;

4. Declaration on parental consent in case of juvenile candidates (in one of the following languages: English, French or Romanian).


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Fully Funded Romania Government Scholarship 2024-2025
Fully Funded Romania Government Scholarship 2024-2025