Online Colleges Offer Free Laptops and iPads for Students

Online Colleges Offer Free Laptops and iPads for Students

A laptop or an iPad is the first gadget an online College Student should get so as to access course materials,  take tests, and submit assessments. Let’s just say you don’t have a Laptop what will you do?

This post will guide you on how to visit for free laptops. Read below for all the details you need.

How can I get a free Laptop?

If you’re looking to go back to school, chances are you know the benefits of having your own laptop or tablet for personal study time on your terms. Apparently, computers can be expensive and there is a special offer for students who can’t afford the Laptops.

Many online colleges offer free laptops and iPads to help students take courses, some even provide free iPads to new freshmen enrolled in four-year programs.

As a student, you will need to have a reliable computing device throughout your years of study for accessing lectures, student services, word processing software, and more.

Furthermore, with your own laptop, you have more control over when and where you can complete coursework; forget having to run home, visit the library, or hunt for a computer with internet access just to finish your work online.

In addition, a laptop provides the security of knowing your information is safe on your personal device instead of risking your privacy on a shared public computer.

What can I do with a Free Online College Laptop?

Online colleges have become adept at recognizing the needs of virtual learners and now post lists of “minimum requirements” that students’ computers must meet for success in their programs.

However, online college laptops are not like other laptops, they are configured for the program that each student is pursuing. The Laptop has internet connections to download the latest Courses outlines, Tests and Lecture Materials.

The Management of the Online Schools provides details to the Laptops Manufacturers on what the laptop should look like in terms of software makeup.

And while most online colleges that supply laptops free allow their graduates to keep their laptops upon graduation, some schools ask for them to be returned (but may still offer the student a deep discount to purchase the device).

List of Online Colleges that Offer Laptops

Fortunately, to help ease the cost of buying a computer, online colleges that offer laptops and financial aid are becoming more common. Many online colleges offer new students the opportunity for a free or low-cost laptop.

But, as previously mentioned, there may be certain caveats involved. This list of schools with laptop programs is a great place to start your planning.

Below are top 10 Online colleges offer free laptops, which students can keep after graduating

#1 Rochester College

Rochester College offers a free Apple MacBook or iPad to all full-time undergraduates. Students who move to Rochester with 29 credits or less can also get a free MacBook or iPad.

Rochester was recently voted No. 59 of the Midwest Regional Colleges by US News & World Report. Graduates earn a net return on investment of 20 years, averaging $ 59,800.

#2 Full Sail University

Full Sail University has partnered with Apple to provide students with the latest MacBook Pro laptop and software they need to reach the desired level.

The only programs that use an HP notebook instead of a MacBook Pro are game development, software development, and simulation and visualization. The launch box itself costs $ 3,000, but students earning a GPA above $ 1 will receive a $ 3,000 grant to cover the costs.

#3 College America

At CollegeAmerica, new students get a new laptop to use in school and keep after graduation. If you’re a student in our School of Graphic Arts program, you’ll receive a Mac laptop.

Laptops are pre-loaded with all the software you need to start designing like the pros. Your laptop and study materials are provided without fees. Pretty neat, huh? Graphic Arts programs are offered fully online by our affiliated institution, Independence University.

#4 Widener University

Widener University is one of the top Universities in US. Basically, the offers Free Laptops to Engineering students who have done excellently well Academically.

Eligible students must graduate from high school in spring 2019 with a combined math and critical reading SAT score of 1310 or higher or ACT composite score of 28 or higher with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher (on a 4.0 scale).

Students may also transfer with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better (on a 4.0 scale) and complete one calculus and one science course approved for Engineering.

#5 University of Minnesota-Crookston

Crookston University offers every student a laptop from the first day. The University of Minnesota-Crookston offers students on campus an HP laptop.

Apparently, in 2019, the US News ranked the school the second-best public school and the 36th Midwest Regional College. UMN-Crookston graduates, according to, have an average net return on investment of 20 years.

#6 Centenary College

Here, students can choose between Toshiba, MacBook Pro.

Basically, all incoming students on campus can choose between 5.3 kg Toshiba Satellite C55 with a 15.6-inch or 4.5-pound screen and MacBook Pro with a 13.3-inch screen. This school allows students to keep their laptops after graduation. Centenary College offers online programs, bachelor’s and master’s programs for online colleges offer free laptops.

#7 Bethel University 

Google Chromebook

Bethel University, No. 22 in the Best Schools in the United States, No. 11 in the Best Veteran Colleges and Best Undergraduate Teaching and No. 17 in Midwestern Universities, Offers Chromebook Laptops.

Bethel offers 35-degree programs online for students, graduates, and seminars. Depending on the program and purpose, Bethel offers “Full Online, a combination of face-to-face and online offerings, as well as comprehensive online [programs] with one or two weeks of campus-intensive campuses”.

#8 St. John’s University 

Choice of 3 laptops; Apple MacBook Pro, Lenovo ThinkPad L380, Lenovo ThinkPad L380 Yoga.

St. John’s University, in Queens, NY, is a large private Catholic university. St. Johns offers you the choice of three laptops. Students can keep their laptops if they have at least a bachelor’s degree.

This college offers 26 programs online. The main popular subjects are psychology, medical auxiliaries, and biology. St. US’s recently voted # 31 for online graduate education programs by US News and # 35 for online graduate business programs (excluding MBA). Students rent studies abroad and passionate professors.

#9 Wake Forest University

The online colleges offer free laptops must be returned at the end of the Course.

Wake Forest University is a small private university ranked 27th in the USNews Best Colleges 2019 edition. Students studying at the WFU have a net investment return of $ 476,000 on average for 20 years.

Popular subjects are economics, communication, and psychology. Students congratulate Wake Forest on small classes, great teachers, and an outstanding program in economics, economics, communication, and political science.

#10 Southern Nazarene University

(You can choose from the 3 laptops; Dell Latitude 3380, 13″ MacBook Pro, 15″ MacBook Pro)

Southern Nazarene University is a private Christian university with a 100% acceptance rate. SNU graduates earn an average net ROI of $217,000 for 20 years, according to’s recent ROI report.

Major specialties include organizational behavioral studies, business administration and management, and human development. The South Nazarene is praised for having thoughtful and caring teachers who are bright and trustworthy.

Conclusion for online colleges offer free laptops

To ensure that the technology barrier is not one that prevents students from completing their education and to ensure that all technical specs are met, many online colleges that provide laptops offer new students a device that matches the program’s exact computing requirements.

However, like every promise of a “free lunch,” or in this case, a “free laptop,” there are some strings and stipulations attached. The bottom line is that you can’t just sign up with an online program for a few weeks to score a free laptop.

With many online schools that offer laptops, you must remain in the program for the full term and graduate to be granted full ownership of your laptop.