Fully Funded OIST Internship Program in Japan 2024-25

The Fully Funded OIST Internship Program in Japan is open to all nationals. It is an exciting opportunity for international students, who want to become a part of research in advanced labs with cutting-edge technology. The internship will be held at the Okinawa Institute of  Science and Technology, providing a chance to explore and learn more about Japanese culture.

The duration of the OIST spring internship program will be between 3 and 6 months. There will be no extension for the OIST Japan Internship 2025. Moreover, the Okinawa Institute of  Science and Technology is a private, interdisciplinary graduate school in Onna, Japan, offering several research opportunities for graduate students in cutting-edge fields such as neuroscience, physics, and computer  science. The university’s faculty comprises renowned researchers and professors from across the globe, contributing to its status as a hub for cutting-edge research. State-of-the-art research facilities, laboratories, and equipment enhance the institute’s research capabilities.

OIST Japan has a mission to establish itself as a world-class research institute, driving  scientific breakthroughs and advancements in various areas of  science and technology. Moreover, OIST seeks to tackle complex problems with innovative approaches by fostering collaboration among scientists from diverse backgrounds and fields.

Additionally, the Okinawa Institute of  Science and Technology provides an ideal setting for research and study, designed to encourage interaction and collaboration among students, faculty, and researchers. Through this OIST Japanese Internship 2025, international students will gain valuable experience in their field of interest and the chance to immerse themselves in Japanese culture and make lifelong connections.

Apply now for the OIST Japan Internship Program 2025 and take the first step towards a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students from all over the world are eligible to apply for the international internship in Japan. Gain research experience under the OIST internship in Japan 2025 and experience working under world-class supervisors and contributing to research. Furthermore, the fully funded OIST Internship 2025 in Japan is an excellent opportunity to explore Japanese culture and technological advancements on a fully funded stay in Japan.

OIST research internship is one of the best international internships in Japan to gain practical experience and technical skills. Not limited to skills, the fully funded internship in Japan will also boost their confidence by allowing them to contribute towards research in the international working environment under professional supervisors of relevant fields. Students from all countries who are pursuing research in any field relevant to the projects and research conducted at OIST are welcome. OIST selects students on merit regardless of gender, race, color, or any other discrimination. Therefore, all talented and outstanding students are welcome to apply for the OIST Internship Japan 2025.

The Japanese Internship Program 2025 is also a paid internship at OIST, as students receive a daily research stipend. The OIST research internship 2025 in Japan is an excellent opportunity for students to explore Japan and gain valuable experience that will help them succeed in their future careers. Japan is a global economic powerhouse and a major player in various industries. It is known for its technological advancements and innovation in multiple fields, such as robotics, engineering, electronics, research in natural  science, and more. Students can gain exposure to cutting-edge technologies and work on projects at the forefront of their respective industries through the Okinawa Institute of  Science and Technology Internship 2025 in Japan.


Fully Funded OIST Internship Program in Japan 2024-25
Fully Funded OIST Internship Program in Japan 2024-25



Deadline: 15 October 2024

Study in: Japan

Providers: Okinawa Institute Of Science And Technology

Study Level: Internship

Area of Study: Nanoscience , Physics , Computer Science

Funding Types: Fully Funded Internships



The eligibility criteria for the Fully Funded OIST Internship Program in Japan are stated below:

  • Students who are currently in the final 2 years of their undergraduate or master’s program at universities, colleges, university colleges, and vocational schools are eligible to apply for the OIST Internship Program 2025.
  • Recent graduates of such institutions are also eligible to apply for the OIST Internship 2025 in Japan.
  • Applicants should have an excellent academic background to get this OIST Internship.
  • Currently, enrolled students must have the approval of their home institution. If you are currently a student, confirm with your institution before applying to OIST Internships.
  • The academic background of applicants should be relevant to their desired host units at OIST.



The benefits of the Fully Funded OIST Internship Program in Japan are:

  • Interns will receive round-trip tickets.
  • OIST will also provide support to help you gain a visa for an international internship in Japan.
  • Provision of accommodation on or off-campus will also be provided to the OIST intern in Japan.
  • Interns will receive a stipend of 2,400 JPY per day (Non-taxable and weekends excluded).
  • OIST will also provide a commuting allowance (OIST Shuttle Bus Pass).
  • It is an opportunity to work in top international labs.
  • Explore Japanese culture.
  • It is a chance for international students to visit Japan and work with leading researchers.
  • It will be an excellent addition to your Resume.
  • The internship will help interns gain valuable experience in Japan and open doors to further international opportunities.



Requirements of OIST Internship in Japan 2025:

Following are the documents required to be attached to the online application for the OIST research internship in Japan. Incomplete applications for the OITS internships will not be considered. Therefore, make sure to submit the application and the documents.

  • ID Photo
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of Purpose
  • A letter of Recommendation


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