Fully Funded Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship in USA

The Fully Funded Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship in USA is open to all nationals. Outstanding scholars, scientists, practitioners, intellectuals, artists, and writers with unique experiences and achievements in their professional fields are welcome to apply for the international fellowship in the USA. Harvard fellowship is an immense fellowship opportunity that facilitates 50 fellows every year. This fully funded Harvard Radcliffe Institute fellowship in the USA is full of benefits. All the Harvard fellows will get a monthly stipend, project expenses, housing, relocation, and childcare funds. Moreover, the United States government provides healthcare support to all participants under this Harvard Scholarship 2025.

This fully funded fellowship in the USA is an excellent opportunity for all eligible people from all around the world. The basis of the international fellowship program is diversity; fellows from diverse disciplines can apply for this fully funded Harvard fellowship for international students. Fellows can join worldwide regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, academic discipline, professional career path, and nationality. The fully funded Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship in USA is independent of your career stage, race and ethnicity, or country. The fully funded US fellowship for international students is a fantastic program for all, offering a wide range of opportunities in different areas of interest. The Harvard Radcliffe fellowship program is an excellent opportunity to become a Radcliffe Fellow and learn from the top universities in the world.

Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship for international students will take place at Radcliffe Institute located at the world’s top university ‘Harvard University.’ International fellows will get an opportunity to join the community of innovative professionals, and all the Harvard fellows will get a chance to dive deeply into research and take a break from their daily routines. Participants will also learn about new research techniques, tools, and methodologies. The research fellowship in the USA aims to promote the idea of confronting challenges and engaging the audience. In this US fellowship program, fellows from different disciplines construct an idea based on a combined informed approach. This Harvard Radcliffe fellowship program is an excellent chance for you to experience the US education and culture. This Harvard research fellowship will also be a great addition to your professional profile, i.e., Curriculum Vitae or LinkedIn profile.

The Harvard research fellowship in US aims to promote the innovative ideas of people from all over the world so that they can deal with the world’s prominent challenges and also include the audience in making solutions. This US international fellowship is a chance to fulfill your dream of becoming a part of Harvard University. Harvard Fellows will pursue their dreams and achieve success in their respective fields. Radcliffe Institute is considered one of the leading interdisciplinary research institutes. Radcliffe welcomes young people to pursue research and expand their comprehensive understanding of global issues.


Fully Funded Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship in USA
Fully Funded Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship in USA


Deadline: 03 October 2024

Providers: Harvard Radcliffe Institute

Study Level: Fellowship

Area of Study: Subject Offered by University

Funding Types: Fully Funded Fellowships



The eligibility criteria for the Fully Funded Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship in USA are stated below:

  • Applicants from all around the world can apply for the Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship.
  • Applicants must be high achievers, or they must accomplish a high score.
  • Furthermore, applicants must possess independent writing and research skills.
  • Applicants applying as practitioners must have senior leadership positions in a non-profit organization, government, or private sector.
  • Applicants must have at least ten years of experience in a relevant field experience.
  • Previous Harvard fellows are not eligible to apply for this fellowship.

For applicants of Humanities and Social Science:

  • They must have a doctorate in the area of the proposed project.
  • Furthermore, their degree must be two years prior to application.
  • Have published a monogram or two articles in refereed journals.

For applicants of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics:

  • Completed doctorate in a relevant area of the proposed project.
  • Furthermore, their degree must be two years prior to application.
  • Moreover, published at least five articles in scholarly journals.

For applicants of creative arts, the eligibility criteria against each category are mentioned below:

Applicants in the humanities and social sciences must:

For participants in Visual Arts:

  • Must have substantial work achievements.
  • At least five years of working experience as a professional artist.
  • Participated in curated group shows.
  • Furthermore, I participated in a professional solo exhibition.

Film and Video:

  • Film and Video applicants must demonstrate excellent work achievements in video festivals, films, or television broadcasts.

For participants of Fiction and Non-Fiction:

  • Published at least one book.
  • Contract of publishing manuscript.
  • Minimum work published (3) no longer than a newspaper article.
  • Applicants applying for journalism must have five years of experience in the relevant field.
  • Playwriting applicants must have independent work achievement and can be play production.


  • Applicants must have at least five years of professional experience related to their field.


  • Applicants must have an independent achievement in their work that can be either in the form of play production or relevant to that.


  • Applicants must have published at least 20 poems in the past five years, or they may have published a poetry book.
  • It must be in the manuscript completion process.

Music Composition:

  • Applicants with a PhD or DMA will be preferred, but it is not compulsory.
  • Applicants must be professional artists and have a recent performance record.



The benefits of the Fully Funded Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship in USA are:

  • The value of the research fellowship is $78,000.
  • Harvard Radcliffe fellows will receive $5,000 for project expenses.
  • Fund for relocation.
  • Housing/accommodation expense.
  • A childcare fund is also granted.
  • Healthcare assistance (if required).
  • Privilege to work in an international institute.
  • This Harvard fellowship will help you develop professional skills.
  • Harvard University may also sponsor J-1 scholar visas for Harvard Fellows.
  • The fully funded international fellowship is an opportunity to visit US for free.



Harvard Radcliffe Fellowship Required Documents:

  • Three recommendation letters
  • Application form
  • Project proposal
  • Work sample
  • CV


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