Fully Funded EUI Leadership Program Fellowship in Italy

The Fully Funded EUI Leadership Program Fellowship in Italy is open to all internationals. Young leaders seeking careers at one of the best European institutes can apply. The European University Institute is hosting this policy leader fellowship program for international students to learn under the supervision of talented and professional leaders in their respective fields. It aims to promote Italy’s culture and history worldwide. Outstanding and talented young individuals are encouraged to join this leadership program in Florence, Italy.

The institute aims to promote leadership, gather young international students, and involve them in activities to induce leadership qualities. They have launched these European University Institute Policy Leader Fellowship 2024 grants to achieve this mission. It allows young people to enrich the professional skills required for career development. Furthermore, the EUI leader program allows fellows to share their opinion and share practical solutions on a global platform.

Fellows will also work with people from diverse backgrounds and contribute to uplifting the economy. This leadership fellowship program will polish your professional skills and take your resume one step ahead.

This policy leadership program would be beneficial to international youth in many ways. Fellows will attend workshops, training sessions, skill development sessions, conferences, and other events to improve their professional abilities and work. It is a global network of policymakers worldwide in their early and mid-career stages. At the EUI, fellows will also have the chance to meet with other fellows, policymakers, and professionals related to academics. It will help you train for problem-solving and decision-making to overcome social, economic, and global issues hindering development and social well-being.

The duration of the program varies; five months (fixed-term for the first or second semester) and ten-month scholarships are available. There will be no extension after acceptance. Transnational Governance School (STG) Fellows spend five months engaging with the School’s community and eventually presenting their work to a broader audience, producing at least one publication, participating in the School’s training program, and attending EUI seminars and workshops. Fellows who stay for the entire academic year will work on significant international initiatives that have the potential to break new ground, often combining with other organizations to create a multiplier impact.

After completing the fully funded Policy Leader program, the EUI fellows join a global alumni network of policy professionals. Furthermore, they will also have access to lifetime training opportunities at the EUI.

It is an excellent opportunity for young people who want to gain knowledge, build professional skills, and visit one of the top countries in Europe. Young people should also check the CERN Summer Student Program in Europe. The fellowships will last five to ten months.



Deadline: 25 January 2024
Study in: Italy
Provider: EUI
Study Level: Fellowship
Area of Study: Subjects offered by the university

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the Fully Funded EUI Leadership Program Fellowship in Italy are stated below:

1. Young professionals in their mid-career stages (e.g., in politics, the civil service, the media, and non-governmental organizations) can demonstrate solid professional experience (minimum 10 years) and the potential for future competence in the policy realm.

2. Fellows must be sincerely interested in policy concerns, especially global governance.

3. They must be self-motivated and offer a detailed work plan for the STG fellowship to show what will be completed and how their work will result in a multiplier impact after the PLF-STG fellowship has ended.

4. Fellows must be members of the EUI community who participate in peer conversations on topics beyond their area of expertise.

5. Fellows must reside in a nearby area of Florence for the duration of the European University Institute Fellowship to participate in the EUI/STG and leadership fellowship program activities.

6. The EUI fellowship cannot be carried out online.



The benefits of the Fully Funded EUI Leadership Program Fellowship in Italy are:

1. Each fellow will receive a monthly stipend of 2,500 euros.

2. Under the EUI Policy Leadership Program, a monthly housekeeping stipend of 300 euros will be provided.

3. A monthly allowance of 200 euros is given to each autonomous child.

4. Fellows will also receive a travel allowance for economy-class airfare. The maximum travel reimbursement amount will be €1,200, including incoming and outgoing trips.

5. Opportunity to learn about European countries, especially the history and culture of Italy.

6. The Leadership Program 2024 at EUI is an opportunity to participate in different fellowship activities, which may include short visits outside Florence and Italy.



Documents Required for EUI Leadership Program 2024:

1. CV (max three pages)

2. Short Biography (max 250 words)

3. Letter of Motivation (covering applicant’s interests, policy issues, ambitions, and reason for applying)

4. Work Plan

5. Educational certificates, highest education certificate/degree.

6. Reference letter

7. Work article sample

8. Language proficiency certificate (IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC).


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Fully Funded EUI Leadership Program Fellowship in Italy
Fully Funded EUI Leadership Program Fellowship in Italy 2024