Fully Funded CERN Summer Program in Switzerland

The Fully Funded CERN Summer Program in Switzerland is open to all internationals. Students with bachelor’s Degrees or Masters degrees (but not Ph.D.) are eligible to apply for the CERN Summer Internship program. Students of any nationality are eligible. This will cover all the expenses for the duration of  8 to 13 weeks.

Students currently enrolled in Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, or Mathematics study fields are encouraged to apply. Students will gain knowledge from the world’s best scientists and researchers. There is No Application Fee to apply for the Summer Internship Program.

Over up to three months, you will work on an advanced technical project as part of an experimental, engineering, or computing team. During this unique and exciting time, you can attend a series of lectures specially prepared for you where experts and scientists from around the world share their knowledge about a wide range of topics in theoretical and experimental particle physics, engineering, and computing.



Deadline: 31 January 2024
Study in: Switzerland
Provider: CERN
Study Level: Summer Program , Internship , Training
Area of Study: Subjects offered by the university

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the Fully Funded CERN Summer Program in Switzerland are stated below:

1. Applicants with any nationality are eligible to apply.

2. You are an Undergraduate or Master’s Degree student (not Ph.D.) in Physics, Engineering, Computer Science or Mathematics. You should have completed, by the European Summer 2023, at least three years of full-time studies at the university level.

3. You will remain registered as a student during your online studentship with CERN. If you expect to graduate during the European summer of 2024 (as of May), you are also eligible to apply.

4. You have not worked at CERN before with any other status (Technical Student, Trainee, User, or other status) for more than three months, and you have not previously been a Summer Student at CERN (please note that exceptionally.

5. You have a good knowledge of English. knowledge of French would be an advantage.


Benefits of Fully Funded CERN Summer Program in Switzerland

The benefits of the Fully Funded CERN Summer Program in Switzerland are:

1. A contract of association of 8 to 13 weeks* to work on a technical project.

2. An extensive physics lecture program (students will also be able to attend a series of IT lectures organized by Openlab).

3. A 90 CHF per calendar day (net of tax) subsistence allowance to cover the cost of accommodation and meals in the Geneva area for a single person for the whole contract duration.

4. A travel allowance on a lump sum basis paid at the end of your stay to help you with the cost of travel between Geneva and your residence at the time of the selection committee.

5. Coverage by CERN’s comprehensive Health Insurance scheme (contribution already deducted from allowance).

6. Assistance to find accommodation on the CERN site or nearby.



Applicants need to upload the following documents to the online application portal. Documents must be Clearly Labelled (e.g. “CV”, “Motivation letter”, “Academic transcript,” etc.) in PDF format.

1. A CV in either English or French. Ensure your CV is complete with all skills and experience that make you stand out as a candidate.

2. A copy of the Recent Academic Transcript giving an overview of your marks.

3. Two Mandatory Reference Letters from Your Lecturers and/or Previous Internships supervisors.


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Fully Funded CERN Summer Program in Switzerland
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