Fully Funded ASEF Young Leaders Summit 2024

The Fully Funded ASEF Young Leaders Summit is open to all nationals. The fully funded Youth Summit will invite 80 youth leaders from Asia and Europe to participate either in Beijing & Hangzhou, China from 10-18 August 2024 or in Budapest, Hungary from 6-12 October 2024.

It is a Unique platform where young youth from Asia and Europe come under one roof to discuss leadership, develop leadership activities, an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and turn theory into action. The program runs in three Phases: knowledge building, In-person Training, and Action Phase. All the Expenses will be covered. IELTS is not required.


Fully Funded ASEF Young Leaders Summit 2024
Fully Funded ASEF Young Leaders Summit 2024



DEADLINE: 19 May 2024
STUDY IN: HungaryChina
PROVIDER: Asia–Europe Foundation
AREA OF STUDY: Subjects offered by the university



The eligibility criteria for the Fully Funded ASEF Young Leaders Summit are stated below:

  • Young Youth from Asian and European Countries can apply.
  • A citizen of one of the eligible Asian and European Countries
  • Students between 18-30 years.
  • From any academic background or discipline.



The benefits of the Fully Funded ASEF Young Leaders Summit are:

  • No Registration Fee
  • No Participation Fee
  • Accommodation Covered
  • Meals Provided
  • Travel Tickets to/from.
  • A visa support letter to those who require it.

Apply and You will have a chance to:

  • Learn: You will receive training and learning on Leadership and Society 5.0
  • Strong Network: Meet like-minded youth from all across Asia & Europe.
  • Explore: An opportunity to Travel and Explore China or Hungary Free of Cost.
  • Contribute: You will organize and Participate in events in your local community to tell them more about your leadership skills and solving problems.



Phases of Fully Funded ASEF Young Leaders Summit

  1. Knowledge Building Phase | 2-30 July 2024 | Online
    An in-depth exploration into Leadership and Society 5.0 through training
  2. Youth Summit (In Person) | 10-18 August 2024 | Beijing &Hangzhou, China OR | 6-12 October 2024 | Budapest, Hungary
    People-to-people exchanges, networking, and learning in the local context
  3. Leadership in Action | August-December 2024 | In local communities
    Turning theory into action. Participants will organize events in local communities to share their learnings with others.


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